• What prompted Société Internationale Métallique (SIM) to set up a plant in Quebec and Bécancour?

    The province of Quebec has large reserves of high-quality iron ore and easily accessible natural gas, water and hydroelectricity. Bécancour has the advantage of being well connected to transport infrastructures (port, rail and road) and has an abundance of a qualified workers.

  • How does SIM intend to fulfil intentions in the matter of sustainable development?

    Collaboration is the starting point of our management philosophy, which is based on our vision of sustainable local economic development. We value local partnerships, and we act with the community and common good in mind.

    We pay particular attention to the creation and maintenance of benefits to the community of Bécancour and Quebec as a whole. We also focus on minimizing the environmental footprint of the project. Once in operation, our facilities will be leading-edge in terms of environmental compliance. The transport of HBI is also safer than that of other iron products.

  • What are the target markets for the HBI produced at Bécancour?

    Our main goal will be to sell our product to Canadian and American steel makers, but also to Europe, Middle East and Latin America.

  • Which sources of energy are used to produce HBI?

    Apart from the iron ore input, the HBI process relies on natural gas (for heating and chemically reducing the pellets while in the shaft furnace) and industrial water (for cooling purposes). Natural gas will be provided by Gaz Métro and water will be supplied by the industrial park and then treated according to provincial regulation before being discharged.

  • What are the risks associated with operating an HBI plant?

    Like any industrial plant, careful attention must be paid to safety in day-to-day operations. This means equipping workers with personal protective equipment, training them in their use, and then insisting that they use the equipment. Safety habits must become ingrained, and procedures followed.

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