The province of Quebec, has access easy access to natural resources required for a HBI plant:

-Iron ore: HBI requires iron ore pellets and Quebec’s Labrador Trough contains huge quantities of high quality iron ore, along with the concentrate to make those pellets. Proximity to this raw material is a definite economic advantage for the development of the HBI industry in Quebec.

-Water: the Bécancour Waterfront Industrial Park offers large access to industrial water, used mainly for cooling purposes. Water is pumped from the St. Lawrence River and is treated after usage according to provincial regulation before being discharged.

-Electricity: the BWIP has large access to reliable hydroelectric power via Hydro-Québec’s network.

-Natural gas: the BWIP is also connected to an uninterruptible and highly-reliable natural gas supply thanks to Gaz Métro and TQM’s networks.


The BWIP is an excellent location for our project because of its strategic geographic position and the availability of related infrastructure required for the project. From a geographical and logistical standpoint, the BWIP has a deep-water, year-round accessible port and direct access to major highways and rail. This gives us competitive access to North America and to the rest of the world.

This infrastructure is ideal for two key reasons. Firstly, there is easy access to iron ore pellets from the Labrador Trough (or other sources such as the Minnesota Iron Range), which are required for the production of HBI. Secondly, it offers easy access to international markets that demand HBI.


Bécancour is part of the metallurgy hub on the south shore of the St. Lawrence, along with Contrecoeur, Sorel and others. Thus, it is home to many highly skilled workers. In addition, educational institutions in the region all offer professional and technical training programs related to the mining transformation industry.

Bécancour is close to the heart of the North American steel industry, along the Great Lakes. It is also easily accessible from Europe, Middle East and Latin America.


Site detail: SIM has secured a site within the Bécancour Waterfront Industrial Park with strategic access to logistics and infrastructure.