HBI produced in Bécancour will be used to create steel. Société Internationale Métallique HBI will provide the greatest benefits to the steelmaking industry by delivering a very reliable, high-iron, high-carbon and low gangue product, with no residual tramp elements.

  • The traditional market for HBI has been EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) steel mills because “clean” iron units dilute impurities introduced with scrap. In the EAF segment the ideal target customer is a producer who wants to enhance its quality steel production and whose products require low residuals and high metallic content.
  • HBI has recently begun to take hold in BF (blast furnace) steel mills because HBI results in an increase in hot metal production and a marked decrease in CO2. In the BF segment, the ideal customers are those mills that want to increase productivity, maintain high quality standards and/or control CO2 emissions.